LSCo Headquarters

09.01.14 | Comment

Spackle, sand, repeat. #fridaynight @loyalsupplyco

There is a lot happening at Loyal Supply Co. headquarters right now. We spent the night working on the walls so we can get ready to paint. It’s coming along, slowly but surely!

American Girl

08.20.14 | Comment

American Girl store date with this cutie to get her very own doll.

This little girl got her very first American Girl doll today. Bethie and Chris brought Ella and Lydia to Boston for a little vacation and Alex, Aunt Nancy and myself got to surprise Ella at the American Girl store where she got to pick out her very own doll. It was amazing to see her eyes light up when she realized where she was and to see Bethie tell her what we were doing there. Bethie, Alex, and I all had dolls when we were kids and it was so fun to talk about all the outfits we had and the books we read. Ella picked out out a ‘me doll’ that looked just like her. I’m sure every holiday for many years to come will include American Girl memories.

Beach Candy

08.16.14 | Comment

Last Ideo Boston summer outing. Cotton candy and the beach, two of my favorite things.

Ryan’s last day at Ideo was last week but they were kind enough to invite us to the summer outing anyway. We happily joined them at Crane Beach for one last hurrah. As always, there was plenty of good food, lots to drink, and lovely company. I feel lucky to have gotten to know so many of Ryan’s coworkers, we’ve really met some wonderful people over the past few years.

Wouldn’t be summer without the sox

08.01.14 | Comment

Fenway for the evening #Boston #redsox

It just wouldn’t be a Boston summer without catching a Red Sox game.

Last Swim

07.28.14 | Comment

Last morning swim for Huckleberry. Bye for now Lake Champlain!

Huckleberry has been to Vermont a few times but it’s always been too cold for him to swim in the lake. This time the water was warm and he was big enough to venture out into the water on his own. This was the last picture we took before we left. We decided to let him swim to tire himself out before the long car ride home. Didn’t really think about having to spend 4 hours in the car with a wet pup!

Today we started something new

07.15.14 | Comment

Rooftop view @loyalsupplyco @habbyshaw

Today, we signed a lease. Today, we stood on the roof of our new store starring at each other wondering what we’d just done. Today, we started something new.


06.26.14 | Comment

@aeronautbrewing Ready for launch @habbyshaw

After working hard for the past few months it was such an amazing feeling to watch this chair float into the air. Ryan and I worked with the Aeronaut Brewery in Somerville, MA to create their logo and to help them with their taproom and launch events. It was an amazing project for Ryan and I to work on together and really allowed us to both utilize the skills we’re best at.

The launch event stunt we pulled wasn’t actually planned until a few days before the event was set to take place and it was kind of an accident. We ordered several vintage lawn chairs and large balloons to attach to the ceiling in the brewery to go along with our ‘launch’ theme. One of the chairs I ordered (very late at night) ended up being a kids chair. When it arrived it was so tiny and adorable and we instantly decided it needed to be flown. We got a helium tank and enlisted some friends and spent the entire day filling and attaching balloons. We have no idea how many it took but by mid-day the chair was floating in the sky. But don’t worry – it was attached to a rope the whole time.

My Handsome Champion

06.20.14 | 1 Comment

Kroger is such a handsome champion. So proud of this guy today.

Kroger and I had such a great show this weekend. We went into the SSHC Hunter Under Saddle Classic and ended up with the championship. I was so proud of him, it feels great to be part of a team again.

Dog Days of Summer

06.19.14 | Comment

Lunch date at the dog park. #dogdaysofsummer #pointer

Dog days of summer

This little pup is having quite a nice summer. I’ve really enjoyed having the freedom during the day to take him to the park and I’m pretty sure he’s having fun splashing in the backyard everyday.

Sailing Again

06.16.14 | Comment

The Meridian, our trusty vessel.

Sailing to the vineyard with @hilltop09 and her dad on this perfectly windy day.

A few weeks ago my friend Hillary and her dad were kind enough to take me sailing on their beautiful sailboat, the Meridian. A few years ago we cruised around the Boston Harbor on the boat but this was my first time in what I like to call, the open water. We left from the Mattapoisett Yacht Club and sailed to Martha’s Vineyard and back. We were out on the water for several hours and because of the great wind that day we were really cruising! I had such a fantastic time and Hillary and her dad are always so sweet and let me hold a rope so that I feel like I’m actually the one sailing. They’ve raced their boat to Bermuda before so I did my best to convince them that I’d be a great addition to that team. Think I may have a little more convincing to do!

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