Letterpress Prints

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DSC_0035 copy

So much printing has been happening lately. I’ve been lucky enough to work with so many talented illustrators and designers over the past few months. Each print has been a learning experience and I’ve loved getting to know the letterpress community.

Snowy Man

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The best snow day activity. Huck didn't even pee on our snowman!

Snow days are best spent building snowmen. We build this one out front, Huck had the best time greeting all of the people that were walking by and catching snowballs that Ryan was throwing to him. The snowplow came through a few hours later and knocked the head off our creation but we got to enjoy him for a few hours at least.

The Studio

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So lucky to have this place. Love my little studio. #letterpress

Cleaned up the studio this weekend.

My big, sweet Krogie

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Big, sweet Krogie. He makes me better, always.

This is Krogie. The adorably gentle paint I’ve been taking lessons on for the past few months. He has managed to fill a hole that I’ve had in my heart and soul for the past six years. No horse will ever replace Yoshi but I’m so thankful that I have Krogie to help fill the void I’ve dealt with for so long. Every Saturday morning I leave the barn feeling fixed, and I owe that to this handsome giant.


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Using my Christmas present from @thegunrue to make some thank you cards. DIY stamps are the best.

Chris always wins the award for best gifts. They’re always thoughtful and fun and something you never realized you wanted but as soon as it’s yours you can’t imagine not having it. This year one of the things he got me was a stamp kit. It came with a double sided rubber stamp, rubber carving tools and plenty of templates. I decided that I wanted to use the stamp to make some thank you cards to send to everyone who was so generous to Ryan, myself and of course Huckleberry this holiday season. They were simple to make but I always think hand made cards mean the most.

The best of 2013

12.31.13 | Comment

Looking back at the year really makes me realize how fortunate I am. 2013 included so many great moments, people, and places – here is a list and a few pictures of some of my favorites:

Stowe 2013

Ski trip to Stowe, VT with some of my most favorite people

Valentine's Day Hearts

Gifts for my love


Winter Storm Nemo


Celebrating my brother and Nana’s birthdays in Vermont


Portland, Oregon



Paris & London


Turning 27!


Reuniting with the best friends a girl could ever ask for


Buying and restoring a printing press and starting Valor Press

Sundays are for sidecars

Sidecar rides

Baby Huck

Bringing our puppy Huckleberry home

Skiing with Mom

Skiing in Utah with my mom

Ginger Bread Men

Baking Christmas cookies with my Grandmothers

There are so many more things that made this year wonderful. As always, I can’t wait to start all over again in 2014.

A very (plaid) Merry Christmas

12.25.13 | Comment

Christmas family photo

Christmas family photo

Merry Christmas from our happy little family to yours. Ryan and I accidentally acquired matching shirts over the years and when I saw this dog coat in the matching plaid I knew it was meant to be. Christmas was extra special this year with our little Huckleberry in tow, hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well.

The greatest Grams’

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Snow storm with Nana

I just spent such a wonderful weekend in Vermont – complete with a snow storm that forced me to stay inside and bake Christmas cookies all day long. I’m so fortunate to have to amazing grandmothers that constantly seem to be teaching me new things. Whether it’s how to properly frost a santa cookie or how to eat a proper breakfast (monkey bread is not an option) – they never fail me. Here are some pictures of my Grammy (left) and Nana (right). They’re just the best.

That’s a Wrap

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Christmas Wrapping

Just finished wrapping the last of the Christmas presents. Having family out of stave means I have to wrap my presents but also ship them to make sure they arrive on time. It seems a little frantic sometimes but not having any holiday stress the week before Christmas is really pretty nice. I get to walk right by the busy stores and spend my time celebrating rather than wrapping and doing last minute shopping.

I love wrapping presents and always look forward to picking out all of the paper that I’m going to use. I try and get two or three varieties that look nice together. This year I found the plaid papers and fell in love. They’re not traditional but that’s what I loved about them. I knew with some red and green ribbon they would look the part. When I found the gold polkadot paper I knew it would make everything more festive.

Kimmie Jean – by Nick Hardeman

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Kimmie Jean

When Nick asked me if I would pose for a series he was working on I was a little hesitant. Not because I didn’t trust him but because I’m not a big fan of being in front of a camera. Vicky convinced me there would be wine involved and it would be fun so I agreed. After taking about 150 pictures (mostly ridiculous ones of me laughing at myself) this one popped up. Nick had the final say in which picture was chosen and I kind of forgot about the whole thing until a few weeks ago when he asked me if I wanted to see what he’d made. I was completely astonished. I am so lucky to have such amazing friends. I’m not sure how it happened but I really do respect all of the incredible talents they seem to possess. Check out the rest of the portraits Nick created here.

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