Last Family Trip

03.20.10 | Comment

White Mountain Road Trip

Brad is moving. And that’s really, really sad. April first is ‘Departure Day’ so we spent the weekend on one last family trip. We had planned to hike into the mountains of New Hampshire but after the 3 hour drive from Boston we realized it’s basically full-blown winter there still–and our sneakers we just not going to cut it on the trails. So instead, we found a campground to call home for the night. The photos are us setting up camp and some of the beautiful scenery as seen from Brad’s VW Vanagon. The video is a time lapse of the journey. The camera was stationed on top of the van until it was hung in a tree directly above our campfire. It was a little bit cold sleeping in a tent that night but we enjoyed each others company, ate surprisingly good campfire food and made memories that will last forever.

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