That’s a Wrap

12.20.13 | Comment

Christmas Wrapping

Just finished wrapping the last of the Christmas presents. Having family out of stave means I have to wrap my presents but also ship them to make sure they arrive on time. It seems a little frantic sometimes but not having any holiday stress the week before Christmas is really pretty nice. I get to walk right by the busy stores and spend my time celebrating rather than wrapping and doing last minute shopping.

I love wrapping presents and always look forward to picking out all of the paper that I’m going to use. I try and get two or three varieties that look nice together. This year I found the plaid papers and fell in love. They’re not traditional but that’s what I loved about them. I knew with some red and green ribbon they would look the part. When I found the gold polkadot paper I knew it would make everything more festive.

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