Snowcation’s Over

03.28.15 | Comment

Not sure if it was the long pep talk, the apple bribe, or the lounging him three times before I got on but this big handsome guy finally remembered what it's like to be a show horse. Snowcation is officially over! #krognation #pinto #paint #showseason

Big things happened this winter with this big fella. We decided to take him to the Pinto World Show in June. After the outrageous amount of snow we got in February and March it’s been really tough to get in good quality rides. I’ve had a few scares with him having a little more energy and attitude than normal but today, he remembered what it’s all about. It could be because I lounged him three times before I got on. Or, it could be that he recognized the panic in my voice when I told him we had the biggest show of our lives in 3 months.

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