Little LaFoy

08.04.10 | 1 Comment

I was 18 years old before my brother and I could be in a room together without me crying and him laughing. And that is absolutely, positively not an exaggeration. I remember one time in particular having a blanket wrapped around my head and screaming, “I can’t breathe!” to which he responded, “if you’re talking you can breathe!” Not that I didn’t deserve it, in fact…I probably started the whole thing.

My brother and I finally decided we were cool with each other when I left for college and he moved to Vermont. Unfortunately, since then we’ve never actually lived in the same place. He lived in Vermont and I lived in Michigan, he lived in Grand Rapids and I lived in Lansing, and now he lives in Grand Rapids and I live in Boston. Doesn’t make for a lot of quality time together.

I’m totally psyched to say that after 7 months I finally get to see my brother again! He’s flying into Vermont on Saturday and I’m going to spend the weekend with him. I’m fairly certain he could still beat me in a wrestling match and being so far away from home, it’s not going to do me any good to yell, Mooooooooom!!!!!!

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