Interactive Aquarium

The Carnival-branded aquariums were created using computer vision technology, flash animation and mobile gaming software. They feature a variety of highly-stylized fish and plant life and two levels of interaction. Consumers could engage with the aquariums via motion reactivity or mobile phone activation.

As pedestrians walk by, a vibrant undersea universe reacts with plant life swaying, water and bubbles moving and fish darting around in response to the human motion. Signage invites passersby to dial a number on their cell phones to create their own, personalized fish. By making various sounds into their phones, consumers can customize their fish and then, using their keypad, swim around the tank. By steering the fish to food, the custom creatures continue to morph in shape and size and do a variety of other fun and surprising things.

The aquariums also feature a mechanism that enables people to come back later and, using the same cell phone, retrieve their customized fish. Once finished with the interaction, consumers receive a text message inviting them to visit for additional fun activities and information.

MITX Finalist
Mobius Award Frist Place
Hatch Award Silver Winner
Digital Out-of-Home Award Finalist