Huckleberry the Hound Dog

09.04.13 | Comment

Introducing the newest member of the LaFoy-Habbyshaw family.

He has a name! Huckleberry the hound dog. Or 'Huck' when he runs away with one of my shoes.

Huck got so many smooches and snuggles at Brimfield today that he had to stop and take a snooze.


I’m an animal lover. The extreme kind that sees a dog on the street and has to stop to pet it. The one that wants to adopt every animal that doesn’t have a home. I’m also a realist and have known for a lot of years that my busy work schedule just wouldn’t be fair to a pet. My schedule has recently gotten a little more stable and Ryan and I agreed that we should start looking for a puppy.

The search for a puppy was horrible for me. I thought it would be cute and I could go sit in a room filled with puppies and pick the cutest one. What I did not know what that there really aren’t very many puppies on the East Coast. A lot of organizations here work with shelters in the south because there are so many more unwanted dogs. I came across a litter of pointer/hound pups on and Ryan and I decided to drive to New Hampshire to see them. Live and Let Live Farms is an animal rescue that adopts pregnant dogs from the south to save them and their puppies.

There were five puppies in the litter we went to see and I (shockingly) instantly fell in love. I wanted them all, but we spent about an hour playing with all of them and eventually picked out our puppy. Two weeks later we got to go pick up our sweet little guy.

Introducing Huckleberry the hound dog. The sweetest snuggliest pup there ever was. These floppy ears melt my heart.

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