Sailing Again

06.16.14 | Comment

The Meridian, our trusty vessel.

Sailing to the vineyard with @hilltop09 and her dad on this perfectly windy day.

A few weeks ago my friend Hillary and her dad were kind enough to take me sailing on their beautiful sailboat, the Meridian. A few years ago we cruised around the Boston Harbor on the boat but this was my first time in what I like to call, the open water. We left from the Mattapoisett Yacht Club and sailed to Martha’s Vineyard and back. We were out on the water for several hours and because of the great wind that day we were really cruising! I had such a fantastic time and Hillary and her dad are always so sweet and let me hold a rope so that I feel like I’m actually the one sailing. They’ve raced their boat to Bermuda before so I did my best to convince them that I’d be a great addition to that team. Think I may have a little more convincing to do!

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