06.26.14 | Comment

@aeronautbrewing Ready for launch @habbyshaw

After working hard for the past few months it was such an amazing feeling to watch this chair float into the air. Ryan and I worked with the Aeronaut Brewery in Somerville, MA to create their logo and to help them with their taproom and launch events. It was an amazing project for Ryan and I to work on together and really allowed us to both utilize the skills we’re best at.

The launch event stunt we pulled wasn’t actually planned until a few days before the event was set to take place and it was kind of an accident. We ordered several vintage lawn chairs and large balloons to attach to the ceiling in the brewery to go along with our ‘launch’ theme. One of the chairs I ordered (very late at night) ended up being a kids chair. When it arrived it was so tiny and adorable and we instantly decided it needed to be flown. We got a helium tank and enlisted some friends and spent the entire day filling and attaching balloons. We have no idea how many it took but by mid-day the chair was floating in the sky. But don’t worry – it was attached to a rope the whole time.

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